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'Arrow's Paul Blackthorne-directed 'This American Journey' - trailer

"Arrow" star Paul Blackthorne doesn't just run around chasing vigilantes as Officer Quentin Lance. He also is a director. Blackthorne's first documentary, "This American Journey," documents a road trip to find out what Americans are thinking.

Check out the trailer for the film here.

The basis for the film is that two foreigners who now live in the United States -- Blackthorne is British and photographer Mister Basquali is Australian -- decide to drive between New York City and California in order to recreate the typical American road trip. Along the way, the two men stop to talk with random people.

Resulting in a view of the country that leaves aside politics, the documentary asks the fundamental question of where America is headed. What makes Americans happy? Is this the country that the two men fell in love with years earlier? Some of the answers -- like the one from

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