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“Arrow” 2.02 Recap: Holding Out For A Hero

Roy’s search for his idol continues. Thea’s disapproval increases. Oliver is a Catfish. And Felicity gets an unwanted promotion.

When you spend enough time in the world of slash fandom, you develop pretty keen senses. I’m not just talking about picking up on those signs that a certain two guys are into each other even though they won’t admit it. No, I mean you can sense when the writers are toying with you.

The first five minutes of Arrow were basically a slash prompt. You think I’m kidding?

Bad Boy Roy finds himself arrested for trying to prevent a truck heist. Newly minted Ada Laurel Lance sits him down to chat about the vigilante and the following line spills out.

“I used to feel the way you do. He has this way of … seducing you.”

I mean, really, that word choice just can’t be accidental.

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