Morelia 2013 Review: How To Lose Weight And The Love Of Your Life In The Bittersweet But Formulaic PARAÍSO (Paradise)

Paraíso (Paradise) is an unconventional love story, at least on paper. This because the protagonists are far from a typical big screen plastic, pretty couple, the movie instead following an overweight Mexican couple. One can accept and even appreciate Mariana Chenillo's decision to work with characters that are real people with real problems without becoming overly serious. Paradise wants to explore an important issue like obesity - after all, Mexico has the world's highest obesity rate - while not pretending it is more than light entertainment, clearly inspired by American indie comedies. Carmen (Daniela Rincón) and Alfredo (Andrés Almeida), a married couple from Ciudad Satélite, decide to move to Mexico City, when Alfredo gets a good job at a bank. The first shots of the...

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