Exclusive Interview with J.T. Petty, Clancy Brown and Clifton Collins Jr. of Hellbenders 3D

Exorcism movies don’t get anymore audacious (or fun) than J.T. Petty’s latest, Hellbenders 3D, which arrives on VOD platforms everywhere today. The story follows a group of priests known as the “Hellbound Saints” whose jobs it is to rid the world of demonic forces, even if it means they must drag them down to hell themselves.

During a recent press day for the horror/comedy hybrid, Daily Dead spoke with Petty and the film’s co-stars, Clancy Brown and Clifton Collins Jr., about their experiences working on the project, what inspired Petty to take such an off-beat take on what’s usually a very traditional world, and much more about Hellbenders 3D.

Daily Dead: This is definitely one of the more unique exorcism films I’ve experienced. What inspired the story and your approach to creating the Hellbound Saints?

J.T. Petty: Right around the time I had the idea for Hellbenders 3D,

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