Blu-ray Movie Review: Mindwarp

Mindwarp, a post-apocalyptic, sci-fi gore film produced by Fangoria Magazine in 1992, is a cup half-full, cup half-empty proposition. In the plus column, it stars Bruce Campbell (The Evil Dead) and Angus Scrimm (Phantasm), two genre icons who give it their all no matter how low-budget or poorly conceived the film around them happens to be. And despite being the brainchild of a publication dedicated to glorifying the grossest moments in movie history, Mindwarp surprisingly chooses to emphasize ideas over shock effects.

Yet there’s no mistaking Mindwarp for anything other than an ambitious copycat slogging through the direct-to-video ditches. And it’s an odd release choice for Twilight Time, who usually focus on lesser known but more widely respected classics from studio back catalogs. But for those with an affection for the material – or Bruce Campbell in particular, who never quite got a fair chance at being a big-screen action

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