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Gevalia’s Johan Joins the Hot Pitchmen Parade

Commercials will never stop finding new ways to entice us into the never-ending abyss of complicit consumerism, and the seductive but anodyne faux-Swede spokesperson for Gevalia coffee Johan is just one in a long line of male pitchmen hunky enough to appeal to American women (and gays) but– we’re guessing here– simultaneously hokey enough not be threatening to American men.

Oh Johan, “Toot toot.” No need to toot your own horn, we’ll do it for you. And side note, the actor who plays Johan, Jon Prescott, also played James Franco‘s lover Neal Cassady in Howl.

Bad blonde wig aside, Prescott’s Johan is almost as seductive as another recent pitchman with nearly universal appeal, The Old Spice Guy…

Of course, the trope of cartoonishly sexy but goofily charming and wholesome mascot is not particularly new. It dates back to at least to that most sanitary of topmen,

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