Indie Spotlight: Twins Share The Spotlight In ‘Professional Friend’

What's better than a web series about a twentysomething battling the trials that come with being a young adult? A web series about Two twentysomethings battling those trials, of course. Professional Friend, a new series from creator Eric Bilitch, follows two fraternal twins as they return home for a Thanksgiving full of surprises. Professional Friend's two leads--Jonathan Biver and Sal Neslusan--don't look remotely alike, but I'm willing to suspend disbelief because they have such an excellent chemistry together. As siblings Larry and Harper, they portray an familial relationship that feels real and honest. Their bond is buttressed by very adept writing. Bilitch doesn't attempt to spend every second cracking jokes, and understands that the best comedic moments are the ones born out of well-constructed situations, not sudden gags. Bilitch is patient with his punchlines, and the interstitial space is filled with strong dialogue. Many indie web series try to do too much.

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