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20 Years: ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Directed by Henry Selick

Written by Caroline Thompson

USA, 1993

Every year around this time, Disney puts The Nightmare Before Christmas back in movie theaters. In Los Angeles, it’s even playing in “4D.” Jack Skellington and the other denizens of Halloween Town have showed up in video games and merchandise both official and of the Hot Topic variety. It’s ironic that the Mouse House has so enthusiastically embraced the film. In 1993, when Nightmare first hit theaters, Disney was so skittish about its tone and content that it was released under the Touchstone label instead of the castle with the shooting star. But the company is nothing if not canny, and a sizable box office take and devoted fanbase has done more than enough to convince them to bring Nightmare into the mainstream fold over the past two decades.

Nightmare is a game-changing landmark in the history of stop-motion animation.

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