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'Bering Sea Gold': Emily Riedel gets beaten up for music and gold in Nome, Alaska

It's below freezing in Alaska in early November, but that's nothing compared to what it's like in the dead of winter. For several seasons, fans of Discovery's "Gold Rush" have watched the miners in Alaska and Canada's Klondike race the onslaught of snow, ice and below-zero temperatures to extract the last bit of gold before being shut down.

But on the Bering Sea, technology now allows gold-seekers to park their dredges on the ice, drill holes down four feet to to the water and then dive in to suck gravel -- and, with any luck, gold -- from the sea floor.

On Friday, Nov. 8, Discovery returns to Nome, Alaska, with the season premiere of "Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice," in which gold dredgers who usually ply their trade during the 49th state's brief summer try their luck while the land and ocean are still frozen.

Back for another season is twentysomething Alaskan Emily Riedel,

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