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More 'ABCs of Death 2' Filmmaker Frenzy reviews

Reviews by Colleen Wanglund,

As this years ABCs of Death 2 Filmmaker Frenzy contest for the letter "M" draws to a close, we figured it would be fun to review some additional short films that caught our attention. (We've recently reviewed Todd Freeman's M is for Marriage, Corey Nikolas' M is for Monkey and the Kondelik Brothers M is for Masochist.)

Below you will find some entries that we took a look at. Be sure to check out the links under the reviews and watch the short films yourselves.

If you like any or all of them, give the film a "like" on that page. Enjoy!

M Is For Mushrooms (USA)

Directed by Bryan Wolford

Runtime 2 minutes 40 seconds

Starring Melissa Watson as Kendra and Jonny Rey as Alan, M Is For Mushrooms is a short film about a couple who get some “potent” mushrooms that they proceed to ingest.

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