Psylocke - Best of Cosplay Collection

Most Flogged is Psylocke | Photo by: Joseph Chi Lin

The X-Men aren't exactly lacking in firepower, but one of their most valuable weapons is their resident telekinetic ninja Psylocke, and for good reason. Aside from being able to “ask” someone to make her waffles at anytime with her telepathy, she can also create telekinetic constructs, which is a fancy way of saying she can create a crossbow with her mind. I think we can all agree that is awesome, and it seems the cosplay community thinks so too. While most of these pictures feature the classic Jim Lee era outfit, I was able to find a few modern and alternate versions of the character as well, so take a gander at some of the best Psylocke cosplay around.

Margie Cox is Psylocke | Photo by: Andrew Michael Phillips

Style Chameleon is Psylocke | Photo by: DMac Studios

Stella Chuu is Psylocke | Photo

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