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Outlander Fills Out MacKenzie Clan With Aislin McGuckin and Liam Carney

I’m back with a little more castings news for Starz’s hotly anticipated adaptation of Diana Gabaldon’s fantasy-romance novel, Outlander. With every new actor or actress that joins the series, the clouds covering this world clear just a little bit more and I can appreciate the story that I’ve yet to delve into. The latest to join the cast are Aislin McGuckin and Liam Carney, both of whom have plenty of experience as stage actors, though McGuckin has done her fair share of television work as well. The two are welcome additions to the cast and I’m looking forward to seeing them join the MacKenzie clan.

According to Access Hollywood, McGuckin will be playing Letitia MacKenzie, the wife of Colum MacKenzie (Gary Lewis), the head of the MacKenzie clan. She’s described as being a strong woman in her own right, which I’m taking to

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