8 Summer Movies That The Asylum Should Have Knocked Off

Sharknado. A simple “portmanteau” – two words combined together to make one. The two words in this case were most likely “shark” and “tornado,” which make-up two of mother nature’s deadliest weapons in her arsenal of terrors, thrown together to spawn an idea for an incredibly creative original film. A film that could only be produced by The Asylum, of course. If you’re not familiar with the The Asylum, they’re the studio behind some of the most of the popular low-budget creature-features of recent times: 2-Headed Shark Attack, Mega Shark vs. Gatoroid and Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus… you’re beginning to see a pattern emerge, right?

But The Asylum doesn’t exclusively make movies using the formula “shark plus other thing equals arggggh!” Like any other studio, The Asylum has to make movies with mainstream appeal to finance their artsy, more personal films like Sharknado. And that

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