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‘Batman vs. Superman’: New Details On Lex Luthor Emerge, The Flash And Wonder Woman Set To Appear

We still have a long way to go before we see Superman and Batman together on the big screen. Though Zack Snyder has been pretty open (compared to other directors) about the film, the rumors haven’t stopped for one minute. The latest piece of information is that The Flash will be in the film, but only as Barry Allen. And that Wonder Woman also make an appearance, but as Diana.

According to ComicBookMovie, both The Flash and Wonder Women will show up in Batman Vs. Superman, but only as their human identities. Also, Snyder’s Lex Luthor will be a little different. Instead of focusing on real estate like in past Superman movies, Lex’s “motivations will be rooted on his belief that Superman is not good for mankind.” The site described Lex as “the pride of Metropolis.” He also goes on to describe one of the movie’s script:

In one particular scene,

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