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Afm 2013: New Teaser Trailer and Poster for Hitchhiker Massacre

Afm 2013 came to a close yesterday, but we still have a few tales to tell from the huge event... such as the latest on Hitchhiker Massacre, which debuted a new trailer and poster art at the show, both of which we have right here!

Retrofocus Pictures' slasher horror film Hitchhiker Massacre is directed by James L. Bills (Refuge of Last Resort) and produced by J. Horton (Monsters in the Woods, Edges of Darkness). Retrofocus is the brainchild of executive producer Ivan Nagy, who created the HBO series "The Hitchhiker" and directed Skinner.

The film stars Ely Lamay, Calista Carradine, John Barrymore, James Bartholet, Veronica Lavery, and Katherine Cronyn.

"Hitchhiker Massacre is a love letter to the slasher flicks I loved as a kid: Friday the 13th, Halloween, The Toolbox Murders, The Slumber Party Massacre. Gone is the self-referential, jokey comedy that infected so much horror post-Scream. I just wanted to make an honest,

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