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Have Lex Luthor Character Details Been Revealed for Batman Vs. Superman?

Two days ago, We reported a rumor that Lost star Terry O'Quinn was DC Comics and Warner Bros. number one choice for Lex Luthor in Batman Vs. Superman. Now, Comic Book Movie is reporting that information as false.

According to their trusted source, Terry O'Quinn was never up for the role. The Following's James Purefoy was being considered, but the actor walked away, stating that he wasn't interested in taking on the part.

That's not all, though! It's also being reported that The Flash will be in the movie. He will only appear as Barry Allen in a cameo, and will not be featured in his costume. Warner Bros. wants Arrow's Grant Gustin, who is starring as the character in a three episode arc on the CW show with the hopes of a spin-off, to also play Barry in Batman Vs. Superman. This all depends, though, on how

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