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Alec Baldwin: 'I was staring off a cliff'

He had a hit with 30 Rock, then Tina Fey called time on it. His first box office smash was followed by 'eight bombs in a row'. He's fallen out with his family, his ex-wife, his colleagues, the press and Twitter (three times). Is it any wonder Alec Baldwin's new film is a dig at the movie business?

Late one evening, Alec Baldwin enters a private dining room at a Japanese restaurant in downtown Manhattan. He is broad, with meaty forearms and a squarish head, his hair shooting up at the crest like a picket fence. Over the years, he has looked great and he has looked seedy, and at 55, he has settled into a well-rounded version of himself that comes with a new and much vaunted Zen attitude. That Baldwin is a good actor is indisputable; whether or not he's a good guy is subject to routine debate, depending

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