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2014 Sundance Film Festival Predictions: Scott Sanders’ Aztec Warrior

He had the first auds roaring in the aisles with his seam-splitting debut. The Park City at Midnight launch of Black Dynamite catapulted Scott Sanders into the B-movie homage/slapstick elite. Fast forward to 2012, and the helmer found his sophomore project with cult actor Luis Guzman toplining. High grade schlock or a delirious action-comedy offering, details on the Lionsgate project have been mum: production got underway in June of 2012, there is no release date and not much news in the in what should have been its year of release. Has Aztec Warrior been pinned down because of extra work (see concept art here) or has it been prepped with a ribbon, marketing campaign for a slick Sundance delivery? We’ll soon find out.

Gist: Based on a story by Handfield and Javier Chapa, co-written by Sanders and Don Handfield, Guzman plays the Warrior in the Lucha Libre-inspired pic who goes

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