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Sliff 2010 Review: The Shock Doctrine

Review originally published on January 28, 2010.

Directed by Matt Whitecross and Michael Winterbottom, The Shock Doctrine is an attempt to shed light on similarities and connections between western “Disaster” Capitalism and the decline of financial stability and human rights throughout many parts of the world.

The documentary is based upon ideas presented in Naomi Klein’s book of the same titles and includes segments from Klein’s various lectures on the topics of her book. What begins as a fairly startling and revealing documentary of past events and their relationship to economic policies instilled by Milton Friedman, et al.

Spanning the globe from Chile and Argentina to Russia, The Shock Doctrine compellingly demonstrates the devastating influence past strategies of economic and political intervention has had on the people of the countries. Two of the more powerful chapters of the film are that of Chile and the reign of Pinochet, and that

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