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Doctor Who blogging: “The Day of the Doctor”

(all spoilers! don’t read till you’ve seen the episode… or unless you don’t care if it’s spoiled for you. this is a love fest only — all complaints and bitching must come from a place of love / previous: “The Name of the Doctor”)

I’ve been hard on Steven Moffat during his tenure as Doctor Who showrunner, and with, I think, good reason: He appears to value cool ideas over creating a satisfying story to convey those ideas. He has not been kind to his female characters. And he’s constantly painting himself into narrative corners and then skipping out on even attempting to extricate himself. So I was kind of dreading to see what he would do with such an important moment as the show’s half-century mark.

But he got it right with “The Day of the Doctor.” He got it really, really right.


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