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The Corridor (2010) Movie Review

Written by Kevin Scott,

If boyhood friends going out into the frozen wilderness, only to encounter the supernatural left you cold in “Dreamcatcher”, take a walk down a similar, but much darker path in this extremely well done Canadian horror film.

The Corridor opens with one of the friends, Tyler hiding in the closet with the body of his dead mother lying on the floor in the hallway. His friends go into the house, only to find Tyler in a crazed panic and wielding a knife. He assaults them, and is then committed to a mental institution. Flash forward a few years later, and we get a montage of all the guys carpooling together to meet at the wilderness cabin that Tyler’s mother owned. They all spent happier days there as kids, and it seems like a perfect place to mend fences. Chris (David Patrick Flemming) is

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