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'Rising Star': What you need to know about the new 'X Factor', 'Voice'

You might have heard that The Voice and The X Factor won't be the only singing competitions in town for much longer. ITV confirmed this week that it has picked up Rising Star - a brand new talent show based on an Israeli format. But if you're feeling baffled, fear not - we have all the answers to all of your Rising Star questions...

1. Um, what makes Rising Star different from all those other singing shows?

Good question! The answer is... you. Rising Star's original selling point is that viewers vote on acts in real time, deciding whether or not they get through as they're actually on the stage singing. In other words, those auditionees have just the length of a song to convince you to put them through. No padded-out results shows here - it's all happening straight away.

2. So does that mean there aren't any judges?


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