Barry Jackson obituary

Actor best known for playing the pathologist George Bullard in Midsomer Murders

The actor Barry Jackson, who has died aged 75, was a staple of British television for more than 50 years but it was not until he was in his 60s that he earned a degree of stardom, thanks to his portrayal of the pathologist Dr George Bullard in 76 episodes (1997-2011) of the popular mystery series Midsomer Murders.

Bullard, the friend of local inspector Tom Barnaby (John Nettles), is called in whenever a murder victim is found, which happens in each feature-length episode. "It's always good when I get more to say than 'He died at 11pm'," Jackson remarked. "I try to be as real as possible, though I call the show pantomime crime, not true crime. That's its appeal – everyone gets bludgeoned to death but there's something quite old-fashioned and harmless about it."

From the plots of Midsomer Murders, you

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