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Indie Horror Flick House of Bad Scores Big! Amazon Sold Out!

Great news for the indie horror scene. The haunting new flick House of Bad has completely sold out on Amazon! Take that, big studios and your 14 million leftover copies of the Total Recall remake!

From the Press Release

House of Bad, the award-winning 2013 independent horror film and fan-site darling, blistered anticipated sales yesterday, selling out of stock, taking the internet giant by surprise. After a month of being available as a pre-order, the title suddenly became unavailable on the day of its official release.

The turn of events represents a new twist to the typical story of the independent film scene, where directors and filmmakers struggle to find distribution and access to robust sales outlets. Without such avenues cinematic efforts can be lost in the shuffle, a reality for low-budget genre films and true gems like House of Bad.

"It's awesome and frustrating at the same time," says executive producer Scott Frazelle.

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