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'Amazing Race' 24 is all-stars: Which teams are returning?

CBS played an exciting promo for "The Amazing Race's" next season, coming your way in the spring. It's another All-Stars edition and the clips certainly teased some fan-favorite (and maybe not-so-favorite) teams.

It's been a while since "Race" did All-Stars -- Season 11 was the last one, which featured teams like Teri/Ian, Charla/Mirna, Uchenna/Joyce, Boston Rob and Amber Brkich of "Survivor" and Dustin and Kandice, the beauty queens.

The cast hasn't been announced yet, but we're sure you noticed Brendon and Rachel of "Big Brother" in the promo -- there's some pretty good evidence out there that they did indeed compete in Season 24 of "Race," so get excited (or not) for that one. Heh. Brenchel.

What do you think, gang? Which teams do you hope to see return? "Amazing Race: All-Stars" Season 24 premieres in February on CBS.

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