First Word on Staci Layne Wilson's Self-Portraits and Keepsakes Short Films/Novellas and Dark Lullaby Audio Book

“Allow me to introduce you to three passionate, obsessed artists - each haunted by their own creations…” So begins Self-Portraits, a new short film by Staci Layne Wilson.

You may have noticed Staci's name on the site recently as she's joined us to handle reviews, interviews, set visits, and more; but she's also an accomplished author and filmmaker in her own right. And a lot of her work involves the number "3."

For instance, Self-Portraits examines a moment in the lives of three brilliant, troubled artists – Leonor (Diane Ayala Goldner), Egon (Andrew McGee), and Louis (James R. Petix) – and explores the fever dreams they endure in alternate realities. The film will debut in late December, and a companion novella will be released in February 2014.

Also being released in its entirely in late December, and in novella form as well, is Keepsakes – another triptych of terrifying tales. This one is about people who are not just hoarders…

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