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10 Brilliant Musical Movie Moments That Caught You Completely Off Guard

Sometimes in films, there are truly great moments. There are amazing fight scenes in action movies, there are memorable one-liners in comedies, and there are terrifying sequences in horror. There are car chases. There are even some special motorbike chases. But one moment which stands out in any film is the impromptu music scene.

We see music scenes quite a lot in film, but mostly they fit in to the flow of the storyline, or form part of the narrative. If we’re watching a musical, then it can only be expected that there will be a music scene. If we’re watching a light hearted romantic comedy, music scenes often transition seamlessly within the plot. But some scenes break the mould. We don’t expect to see the main character break into song, or for a guitar to be produced from nowhere. Unexpected Jazz concerts or drum solos take us by pleasant surprise.

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