Afternoon Watch: This Cool, Artsy Short Film Gives Us Real-Life 'Space Invaders'

When you think of alien invaders, you probably think of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, or the extraterrestrials from Independence Day, or even the shape-shifting monster from John Carpenter's The Thing. What you probably don't think of are the little pixelized creatures from Space Invaders. And yet here are the classic gaming icons starring in a new short film from French filmmaker Thomas Lesourd.   The short, entitled Invaders from Space, merges the game characters with real-world actors and recycled footage to create what Lesourd calls "a photo-real experience of a war movie with real people fighting Invaders." I probably wouldn't call it that, personally -- I'd just call it strange and kinda cool, and reminiscent of an '80s music video. Same...

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