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Jean Claude Van Damme And The Asian Influence

Jean Claude Van Damme is widely known for his brilliant kicking ability and martial arts background. As a young kid, Van Damme would train in the martial arts Shotokan karate and Kickboxing, during this time he also studied Ballet, which would be used more for his flexibility and strength in his legs.

He has a great kickboxing record on 19 fight, 18 wins, one loss, which he won at a later date in the rematch. But when it comes to his movies, he has a great influence within Asian Cinema, using many directors and choreographers in his movies. In his early movie career he starred in movies such as Bloodsport and Kickboxer, showing the arts of Ninjutsu and Muay Thai. As his career went on, in 1994 he teamed up with veteran director John Woo for the movie Hard Target. Here John Woo would show his violent side in this all out guns

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