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Exclusive: first trailer for 'Deadly Punkettes'

by Gerald Beanery,

In an age of over-achieved crystallizing satire, while studio ventures capsize and simpletons rush to see sensations on screens that are measured solely by light and sound, a rude awakening is shaking in an underground of severe video trauma, where good-looking girls and boys boast waywardly and reach heights in theatricals newcomers to cinema may never have known. Full-frame video a la mode.

The first trailer for Deadly Punkettes has been made public. Jillean Tucker swims through a cavern covered stream of dramatic lily pads brazened by character friends. D'Lannie Brown brings buckets of TNT and gets wicked with them. Danielle Stavin solidifies safe-sex with drum sticks while Lauren Taler must move through several stages of waking up on the right side of the bed repeatedly most mornings. If Skylar Ripp was a flight instructor she'd be flying you to the moon, while Lourdes Narro

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