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13 Biggest Box Offices Surprises of 2013

13 Biggest Box Offices Surprises of 2013

Barring the fact that The Secret Life of Walter Mitty makes over $100 on in its second weekend, it's (nearly) safe to say that 2013's biggest surprises at the box office are behind us. And boy, were there some huge shockers in store for audiences this past twelve months. While most of the big tent pole pictures performed as suspected, it was the smaller budget movies that made a real impression on moviegoers this year. Now, we take a look at 13 movies that no one thought too much about before their release. Some people thought a couple would bomb all together (hello, World War Z). It's the 13 Biggest Box Offices Surprises of 2013


Tagline: Don't Let Go. Why it Surprised Us: With a simple premise (two astronauts lost in the dark recesses of space), Gravity became the water cooler conversation starter of 2013, and has the honor of being one of only

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