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‘Village of Tigers’ is brutally ambushed by sloppy writing and execution

Village of Tigers

Written by yip Yat-Fong

Directed by Griffin Yueh Feng and Wong Ping

Hong Kong, 1974

In a lonesome little tavern one of the patrons is brutally attacked by a hoard of violent thugs. The target of the onslaught defends himself as best he can before ultimately being undone by a fatal stab in the back. The leader of the murderous troop hailing from the Village of Tigers, Hu Jiao (Wang Hsieh), quickly realizes the man they believed to be Master Ba (Tung Lam) from the famous Ba family is but an unfortunate soul whose identity the Tigers mistook. Later on, another member from the Ba family, Bao Ying Hua (Karen Yip Leng-Chi) accidentally makes the acquaintance of a wandering hero named Luo Hong-Xun (Yueh Hua), the latter whom is accosted by thieves only to be saved by Ying Hua. Soon, the fates of Ba family, the Village of

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