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‘The Young Avenger’ starts brightly but spoils some of its potential

The Young Avenger

Written by Hu Pao and Ko Jui-Fen

Directed by Griffin Yueh Feng

Hong Kong, 1972

Master Li Kui (Tung Lam), aging martial artist and former member of quartet of masters, is protector of a small, peaceful village. One day, a frightful individual from his past, hunchback Liu Tou (Fan Mei-Sheng), arrives in town under the pretense that he seeks specialized martial arts lessons from Li Kui. In truth, he lusts for revenge for his brother’s accidental death many years ago. Li Kui, now retired from teaching, refuses the proposal and fends off Liu Tou’s enraged attacks, but is severely wounded in the process. This prompts him to send away his young niece Bao Zhu to a former ally, Mad Monk, for training. A decade later, Zhu (Shih Szu) returns home to re-acquaint with her family and defend it against the threat of Liu Tou’s wrath.

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