Museum Hours | Blu-ray Review

Museums are odd places. People gawk, taking in the history and culture on offer, ruminating in silence. People talk, or, more often than not, they are talked at by guides or recorded audio stand-ins who give background to the pieces on display. Young people dragged along unwilling automatically become bored, unappreciative of the opportunity they’ve been afforded, while others soak in the space like a sponge, experiencing the catharsis of cultural and emotional profundity that can be provoked by a truly great work of art. Within Museum Hours, writer and director Jem Cohen manages to perfectly encapsulate both the marvels and oddities inherent in the museum going experience by framing a loose narrative of life and loss around the reminiscence of an aging gallery guard in and around the Kunsthistorisches Art Museum in Vienna and the visitations of a middle aged woman from Montreal whose Austrian émigré cousin has sadly fallen into a coma.

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