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Happy Birthday Donna Summer! Here Are Her 20 Greatest Songs

When Donna Summer passed away a year and a half ago (heaven knows, it’s not the way it should be), it was like a dagger in the heart for many of us who grew up listening to her music. The undisputed Queen Of Disco, she would make a successful transition out of the 70′s, and continue to churn out hits for years afterward.

Donna became “Born Again” in the early 80′s, and it would radically alter her career, as well as her relationship with the gay community. For 30 years, until her death, she was dogged by the rumor that she made a comment about AIDS being God’s punishment, and even though she vehemently denied it, It continued to persist.

It’s sad that an unprovable piece of gossip could tarnish her reputation for decades, but on this, her 65th birthday, we can take a look back at the legacy she left behind.

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