Wamg Dines With Real-Life Mobster Ronnie Lorenzo : The Family

Recently, Wamg was treated to a delicious Italian meal with real-life (former) mobster Ronald ‘Ronnie’ Lorenzo, and several other members of the press, to celebrate the release of The Family on DVD. Check out some of the dinner chat below!

Here is a little background on Ronnie Lorenzo:

According to the newspapers, Ronnie was “allegedly” associated with the Bonanno family. The Bonanno crime family is known to be one of the ‘five families’ within the Mafia that controls organized crime actvities in New York. Aside from his ‘family’, Ronnie has been around ‘street guys’ for his entire life since he was just 12 years old.

Ronnie was born on January 4th 1946 in New York City. When he was very young Ronnie was in the Firework Business, then he opened after-hours clubs (many with gambling) around the city. He was also involved in a few discos… and the last club he owned

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