6 Most Anticipated French Films of 2014

France ruled the film world in 2013, producing some of the most critically acclaimed and controversial titles. La Vie D’Adele took home the Palme D’Or and has since been subject to intense debate around the ethics of the film’s production and its depiction of sexuality. Among the other highlights was Alain Guirandie’s L’Inconnu du lac, a frighteningly tense and beautiful film about a gay cruising spot haunted by murder. Even Godard produced a film, a 3-D short about cinema and truth in 3x3D, alongside Peter Greenaway and Portuguese filmmaker Edgar Pera. This is just the tip of the iceberg as filmmakers like Claire Denis, Michel Gondry, Roman Polanski, and Phillipe Garrel also released new French-produced films in 2013.

Looking forward, though it may seem unlikely that France will repeat its 2013 effort, there are many great French films on the horizon for 2014. The new year promises new

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