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Kristen Stewart: I’ve Been Forced To Grow — Talking Robert Pattinson?

Talking about her character in the upcoming war drama ‘Camp X-Ray,’ K-Stew revealed in a new interview that she too knows what it’s like to be stunned into submission, and forced to learn from the experience. Do you think she was referring to her drama-filled past with Rob?

In Camp X-Ray, Kristen Stewart plays an overeager Army girl who slowly realizes that the world is not always black-and-white. And in a new interview, K-Stew seems to suggest that she’s had to learn that same lesson in her personal life.

Kristen Stewart: Opening Up About Robert Pattinson Troubles?

K-Stew gave a rare interview to Flare magazine, and the article indicates that she seemed to be very reflective on her often troubled past year with Robert Pattinson. On the topic of her Camp X-Ray character, Kristen suggested that she’s had more similar experiences with the fictional girl she plays than you’d expect.

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