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“Downton Abbey” Recap: “Party Games”

I am a cad. A terrible cad. Was I complaining about Anna and Bates last week? Was I? Well, I am an insensitive lout—which, coincidentally, is the subject line of every email my mother sends me. But we’ll come to that in its turn…

Welcome back to Downton Abbey, or as the first George Bush would call it, “A thousand points of plot.” This week the Abbey is hosting a weekend house party, which means that everyone downstairs is in a constant state of “tizzy” while everyone upstairs is desperately trying not to look so bored with one another. As much as Downton weaves a magical spell of time and place, and as interesting and glamorous as Julian Fellowes can make the early twentieth century seem, I know I would have been rot as a member of the Downton coterie, because I could not survive so damn long without television.

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