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Exclusive: Steve Lund Talks Being the New Werewolf in Town in Syfy's Bitten

Syfy launches its new werewolf series "Bitten" tonight, and Steve Lund, who portrays flirtatious and playful werewolf Nick Sorrento, sat down with Dread Central to talk about his character, his co-stars, and what's in store for audiences. We have the details along with a new trailer!

We asked him to briefly describe the show and Nick. "[It] is based on the Canadian novel series Women of the Otherworld, written by Kelley Armstrong, who is a Toronto-based novelist," Lund said. "The story centers around the only non-male werewolf, Elena Michaels, and follows her through her battle between her werewolf life and her desire to have a normal human life."

"My character is Nick Sorrentino, who is one of the resident werewolves at the werewolf headquarters, Stonehaven, and my family has been in the werewolf game for generations. My grandfather was a former pack alpha, and my father is sort of the accountant for the group.

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