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'Building Wild's' Paul Dimeo uses his 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' expertise

A four-seat Atv shimmies, sways and weaves its way up a mountainside path, at one point nearly depositing a passenger into the sea of mud it's navigating. All on board can see their breath, a constant reminder that winter is not far off.

It's a cold, clammy, bumpy ride to the top of the former Timber Ridge Ski Resort in Windham, Vt., on this rainy late October morning, where a crew of builders is laboring mightily to finish up a project for the new National Geographic Channel series "Building Wild," premiering Tuesday, Jan. 14.

On this day, the project in question is a 400-square-foot cabin built around a 20-foot-high concrete pier that used to hold the return pulley for the ski lift. It comes outfitted with a bar and a snowboard ramp for its father/son owners, a wood stove tied into the pier to radiate heat throughout, and a makeshift

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