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'Agents of Shield' episode 12 'Seeds' recap: Skye's story begins as Blizzard arrives

"Seeds" is exactly the type of episode we have been waiting for "Marvel's Agents of Shield" to deliver. Easily the best episode on the show since "Fzzt," the fast-moving episode introduces a new facet of Shield, resolves an aspect of Skye's mystery in an interesting way and launches a new supervillain.

It also made FitzSimmons the most popular kids at Shield Academy, which leads us to the realization that "Agents of Shield" is somehow at its best when it focuses on these two characters. Maybe it's the easy chemistry Elizabeth Henstridge and Iain De Caestecker have or maybe it's just that their characters are the most likeable, but these two episodes that have put them at the forefront have been our favorites.

The pair is summoned back to the Shield Academy -- sort of the Hogwarts for Shield newbies -- to investigate an incident where a mysterious object caused a pool to freeze almost instantaneously.

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