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Dog Soldiers (2002) Review

Review Written by Chris Wright,

Dog Soldiers” (2002)

Directed By: Neil Marshall

Written By: Neil Marshall

Starring: Sean Pertwee (Sgt. Harry Wells), Kevin McKidd (Pvt. Cooper), Emma Cleasby (Megan), Liam Cunningham (Capt. Ryan), Thomas Lockyer (Cpl. Bruce Campbell), Darren Morfitt (‘Spoon’ Witherspoon), Chris Robson(Pvt. Joe Kirkley), Leslie Simpson (Pvt. Terry Milburn), Tina Landini (Camper), Craig Conway (Camper), Vilrikke’s Acer (Sam the Dog), Bryn Walters (Werewolf), Ben Wright (Werewolf), Brian Claxton Payne (Werewolf)

Werewolf movies can truly be hits and misses. They are like slasher movies because you feel like you are watching the same plot in every movie that is made about them. This movie is unique as it breaks apart from the traditional format for werewolves in the conventional sense. Thankfully, it is very difficult to get bored during this British horror film!

The plot begins with a group of British military men on a training

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