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'Sherlock' Season 3, or why 'Doctor Who' needs less Steven Moffat

It's a Steven Moffat showdown, as our favorite consulting detective demonstrated just how hard it is to watch "Doctor Who." For most fans, it isn't a question that they would choose to answer. "Doctor Who" versus "Sherlock" -- which show do you love more? But the return of "Sherlock" Season 3 has reminded us just how good a show helmed by Moffat can be -- and how bad "Doctor Who" now looks in comparison. 

Of course "Sherlock," unlike "Doctor Who," has two showrunners. Mark Gatiss joins Moffat as a co-creator, and it was actually Gatiss who wrote the "Sherlock" Season 3 opener, "The Empty Hearse." But as with all shows, just because the showrunner did not author that particular script does not mean that they weren't involved in the creative direction. In fact, we would be concerned if they weren't involved. 

"Sherlock" Season 3 episode 1 "The Empty Hearse" was funny, dramatic, surprising, and

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