The Way To "Progtronica" Is Worth The Fare

I’ve never been a huge fan of progressive alt-rock. I don’t know what it is, per se, but it just never really clicked with me. Going into Gumshen’s Progtronica, this was in the back of my mind, which, as a reviewer, is a crappy thing to do, to carry baggage into a review. At the same time, I try to acknowledge this as a way to move forward.

Gumshen’s latest is an interesting take on the genre. “Bell Ringer” is a great track that actually has quite a bit of funk behind it, surprisingly. The lyrics are a little silly, but lead singer Ron Hippe’s got a neat voice, reminiscent of Dave One of Chromeo, as weird as that might sound. Hippe’s certainly not a knock-off of One or anything like that, but upon first listen, that’s who Hippe reminded me of, right off the bat.

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