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TV highlights 03/02/14

Dci Banks | Horizon: Swallowed By A Sink Hole | The Big Benefits Row: Live | Mad Dog: Gaddafi's Secret World – Storyville | Girls | Growing Up Down's | Football: Manchester City v Chelsea

Dci Banks

9pm, ITV

Dci Banks (Stephen Tompkinson) is having a barbecue with his colleagues in his countryside idyll with lovely views over West Yorkshire. Meanwhile, in the mean city (Leeds), a young boy called Kyle is abducted from a depressing block of flats by a couple posing as social services. Banks is flanked by two women now: Annie (Andrea Lowe), back from maternity leave, and the uncompromising Helen (Caroline Catz). Not many laughs but for fans of unremittingly gloomy searches for lost children, this does the job. Concludes next week. Julia Raeside

Horizon: Swallowed by a Sink Hole

9pm, BBC2

Florida is dotted with sink holes, the composition of the earth being such that it can open up

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