Bonnie Dune Releases Cory Monteith's "Maybe Tonight" Song—Listen Here!

Bonnie Dune Releases Cory Monteith's

One of Cory Monteith's last songs has surfaced. Bonnie Dune, the band the late Glee star played with prior to his passing, exclusively released "Maybe Tonight" to E! News, one of the final songs Monteith recorded before he died in July. The band's new debut album, Miramar, has six songs on it that were all recorded in Los Angeles about a month before Monteith passed, and the thesp is on every one of the tracks. Once the band stopped recording in May 2013, lead vocalist Justin Wilczynski said Monteith went to a dark place, leaving Los Angeles for Vancouver where he ultimately died. News: Lea Michele recorded a song about Cory Monteith for her debut album Wilczynski said...

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