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Separating Art from the Artist

I was out walking my dog yesterday when I learned of Philip Seymour Hoffman's passing. My first instinct was to stop and write something up on my phone and then edit the story once I finally made it home. It's a media world nowadays where being "first" is all that matters, even when it comes to writing about someone's death. I decided to wait and finished the final two-and-a-half miles. Once I got home I got to work on writing up the story and by that time more and more details had surfaced and the situation became sadder and sadder. Hoffman, 46, had died of an apparent drug overdose. The gruesome reality of the scene, however, adds that the syringe was in his arm and he leaves behind three children (one son, two daughters) and his partner, Mimi O'Donnell, whom he met back in 1999. A quote from one of his

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