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Video Violence (1987) Review

Review by Chris Wright,

Video Violence” (1987)

Directed By: Gary P. Cohen

Written By: Gary P. Cohen & Paul Kaye

Starring: Art Neill (Steven Emory), Jackie Neill (Rachel Emory), Gary Schwartz (1st Store Owner), Chick Kaplan (2nd Store Owner), Bart Sumner (Howard), Uke (Eli), Paige Price (1st Victim), Robin Leeds (Customer), Kevin Haver (Rick Carlson), Bill Biach (1st Yokel), Joseph Kordos (Reggie Hobbs), Chris Williams (Desk Sergeant), William Toddie (Chief of Police), Ricky Kotch (Young Boy), Jennifer Biach (Dog)

Some horror fans are immediately turned off by direct to video films. Moreover, some are turned off as soon as they hear a film was shot on video as well as low budget. I find this film perseveres above the pack compared to many like those described above which I have seen in the past. I naturally have a soft spot for low budget flicks but I will vilify the film

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