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Exclusive: Watch The Trailer For Animated/Live Action Doc 'Last Hijack' Premiering At The Berlin Film Festival

Part of the reason why Paul Greengrass' "Captain Phillips" was so effective both as a drama and thriller was that it took the time to humanize the antagonists of the film. Less villains and more the product of the society and circumstances they found themselves in, the pirates who board the ship in the film—led by a commanding, Oscar nominated turn by Barkhad Abdi—are complex characters, part of a system that in many ways, is their only means of survival. And now the forthcoming documentary "Last Hijack," premiering at the Berlin Film Festival, is going to dig deeper into what it means to be Somali pirate, and we have compelling, exclusive trailer. Directed by Tommy Pallotta ("American Prince") and Femke Wolting ("Another Perfect World"), "Last Hijack" utilizes live action and animation to tell the tale of Mohamed, an experienced pirate facing middle age dilemmas. The documentary recounts

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